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Vinyl Siding Replacement Louisville KY

Siding Contractor Louisville KentuckyAdvantages & Disadvantages of Vinyl Siding

Like everything in life, first impression greatly matters. The effort put into the formation of the interior of a certain residence, must be equal to the effort placed in considering the configuration of its exterior. Your abode’s exterior siding will determine whether it is a definite success or definite failure in terms of your home’s curb appeal.

Wobbly and/or detached bricks, chipped vinyl paint, or filthy glass surfaces give the wrong impression not only of your home, but also your own character. However, the purpose of home siding is not only restricted to the overall exquisiteness of your home. Siding carries a substantial purpose in terms of health and protection.

The exterior siding of your house is designed to defend both the interior and exterior structure of the said house against the elements that Mother Nature decided to hurl at it.

The Best Vinyl Siding Contractor in Louisville, Kentucky

In determining which type of siding that perfectly fits the living conditions of your house and choosing vinyl siding services in Louisville KY, it is essential to contemplate on the criteria that include but are not limited to durability, cost efficiency (both in materials and installation processes), energy efficiency, and aesthetics. In contrast with fresh paint job and decorating scheme, new siding is preferable due to its long-lasting and stable properties that can surely fight against the harsh forces of nature such as rain and extreme exposure to sunlight.

It is not difficult to comprehend that vinyl siding has been one of the options to take into consideration in choosing a new siding due to its characteristics of being able to withstand high temperatures, and relentless living conditions or climates.

If you are contemplating whether vinyl siding is appropriate or not for your beloved abode, here are several of the benefits and drawbacks that a homeowner can experience with the said siding.

Cost Efficiency and Longevity

The main reason in which vinyl siding remains the top siding used in America, both existing and new household, is its affordability. On average, it costs 26 percent less than aluminum siding! Alongside with having high cost-efficiency, vinyl is one of the most durable materials for siding, coming second to stone or brick. In addition, it prevents the manifestation of pests, specifically termites. Lastly, the low-maintenance cost of energy efficient constituent, also decreases its cost.


Another factor that makes vinyl such a high demand material is the variety of options. There are hundreds of diversity of colors, sizes, textures, and profiles that you, as a homeowner, can take advantage of in order to satisfy your heart’s desires! You can obtain a vinyl replacement having it to look like other stunning authentic profiles such as cedar shakes that it fools even the most perceptive eyes! Unless you indeed go up and touch the siding, you will never be able to determine the differences.

Ease of Installation

Not only does vinyl siding lessen the maintenance, but also decreases the time required for installation because the provided lightweight materials have pre-drilled holes that can help in direct installation on the studs. Hence, the swift installation time will cut down the time you will be inconvenienced during the process.

And like anything in life, everything has its own drawbacks. Vinyl siding services in Louisville KY may be inexpensive, quick to install, and easy to maintain, but, vinyl may be even more harmful than what it is being advertised.

Environment Suffers

The process of fabricating vinyl siding is known for having a requirement of vast amount of electricity. This material is mainly composed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and the manufacturing operation yield greenhouse gases like nitrogen oxide, carcinogens, and sulfur dioxide that causes acid rain and smog. Hence, not only does the production harms the environment, but also the individuals’ health working and near the vinyl siding company are affected because of the harmful chemical exposure.

It is also essential to keep in mind that as the siding releases low levels of the said chemicals as it slowly ages.


Almost all of the recycling centers do not accept items containing PVC so once the siding arrives to the landfill, it is usually burned. Consequently, the burning of PVC contributes to the rapidly increasing dioxin (persistent environmental pollutants) emissions in the United States.

With Louisville Window & Door, Inc., go uplift your home if you think you gain more advantages than disadvantages for the vinyl siding services in Louisville KY.

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